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The Brazilian Meetings on Organic Synthesis (BMOS). A Retrospective
In 1986, Prof. João V. Comasseto organized an informal meeting at the Institute of Chemistry, USP that attracted around 100 participants among senior and junior researchers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, all having organic synthesis as their subject of research. At this meeting, the basis of a periodical meeting of the organic chemists dedicated to organic synthesis in Brazil was established, it being agreed that the next meeting would be in Porto Alegre, under the coordination of prof. Valter Stefani. This meeting was successfully carried out in 1987, with around 200 participants. In Porto Alegre, it was agreed that the following meeting would take place in São Carlos in 1988, and that Prof. José Tércio B. Ferreira would act as the general secretary. The 3rd BMOS changed the scope of our meetings as nine outstanding international synthetic organic chemists were invited as guest (see BMOS History), English was the official language and international advertisement was sought.
  It was clear in the minds of those who helped Prof. Tercio to organize the first BMOS with invited foreign speakers that one of the major goals should be to foster the active participation of graduate and undergraduate students with research interests in organic synthesis. In fact, several sandwich and pos-doctoral programs involving brazilian PhD students were established as a result of this initiative.
  Another practice recommended was that the following meetings would take place in different locations, always involving considerable number of synthetic organic chemists.
  We have certainly gone a long and successful way since some of us, about 20 years ago, cherished a dream: having a lively and competitive community established in Brazil devoted to synthetic organic chemistry, publishing regularly in international journals and pursuing inovative ideas. We are pleased to see that several brazilian organic chemists are respected in Brazil and abroad for their contributions to the field. But there is certainly much more to be done. We have to be able not only to contribute to our field of research with innovative and challenging ideas but also to prepare the new generations to come with a scientific knowledge as broad as possible in order to be able to take a step further and contribute to scientific knowledge in its broadest sense.

Ref. COMASSETO, J. V., PILLI, R. A., SIMONELLI, F. J. Braz. Chem. Soc., 2001, 12, 565.

Previous Events
12th BMOS – 2007 - Itapema, SC
  General Secretary: Hugo Gallardo, UFSC
    :: Jan-Erling Bäckvall, Stockholm University - Sweden
    :: Dale L. Boger, The Scripps Research Institute - USA
    :: Michael P. Doyle, University of Maryland - USA
    :: Ben L. Feringa, University of Groningen - Netherlands
    :: Benjamin List, Max Planck Institute of Coal Research - Germany
    :: David W. C. MacMillan, Princeton University - USA
    :: Anita Jocelyne Marsaioli, State University of Campinas - Brazil
  Invited Lectures:
    :: Antonio Luiz Braga, Federal University of Santa Maria - Brazil
    :: Margaret A. Brimble, The University of Auckland - New Zealand
    :: Jose A. S. Cavaleiro, University of Aveiro - Portugal
    :: Karl J. Hale, University College London - UK
    :: Carmen Nájera Domingo, University of Alicante - Spain
    :: C. Oliver Kappe, University of Graz - Austria
    :: Teodoro S. Kaufman, National University of Rosario - Argentina
    :: Patrick J. Walsh, The University of Pennsylvania - USA
    :: John L. Wood, Colorado State University - USA
    :: Miguel Ángel Yus Astiz, University of Alicante - Spain
11th BMOS - 2005 - Canela, RS
  General Secretary: Antonio L. Braga, UFSM
    :: Andreas Pfaltz,University of Basel - Switzerland
    :: Denis Sinou, University of Lyon 1 - France
    :: Gary Molander, University of Pennsylvania - USA
    :: Johann Mulzer, University of Vienna - Austria
    :: K. C. Nicolaou, The Scripps Res. Institute - USA
    :: Kurt Faber, University of Graz - Austria
    :: Madeleine Joullie, University of Pennsylvania - USA
    :: Richard Larock, Iowa State University - USA
    :: Robert Huber, Max Planck Inst. Biochemistry - Germany
  Invited Lectures:
    :: Carlos Roque D. Correia, State University of Campinas - Brazil
    :: Jaime A. Rabi, Microbiológica - Brazil
    :: Janis Louie, University of Utah - USA
    :: John C. Amedio Jr., EPIX Pharmaceuticals - USA
    :: Juan B. Rodriguez, Buenos Aires University - Argentina
    :: Luiz Juliano, Federal University of São Paulo - Brazil
    :: Rajendra M. Srivastava, Federal University of Pernambuco - Brazil
    :: Vitor F. Ferreira, Fluminense Federal University - Brazil
10th BMOS – 2003 - São Pedro, SP
  General Secretary: Prof. Carlos R. D. Correia, UNICAMP
    :: Esteban Pombo - Villar, Novartis, Basel - Switzerland
    :: Janine Cossy, Ecole Super Physique & Chimie - France
    :: Manfred T. Reetz, Max-Planck Institut - Germany
    :: Masakatsu Shibasaki, University of Tokyo - Japan
    :: Miquel A. Pericás, Universitat de Barcelona - Spain
    :: Pat N. Confalone, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharma - USA
    :: Scott E. Denmark, University of Illinois - USA
    :: Stephen F. Martin, The University of Texas at Austin - USA
    :: Alberto Brandi, Università degli Studi di Firenze - Italy
  Invited lectures:
    :: Adriano L. Monteiro, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
    :: Frank E. McDonald, Emory University – USA
    :: Hee-Yoon Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Korea
    :: James L. Leighton, Columbia University - USA
    :: João Valdir Comasseto, University of São Paulo - Brazil
    :: Ludger A. Wessjohann, Leibniz-Institute of Plant Biochemistry- Germany
    :: Luiz Carlos Dias, State University of Campinas - Brazil
    :: Marc L. Snapper, Boston College - USA
    :: Maria I. Colombo, IQUIOS, Rosário - Argentina
    :: Peter A. Jacobi, Dartmouth College - USA
    :: Reinhard Brückner, Albert-Ludwigs Universitat Freiburg - Germany
    :: Simon J. Garden, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
9th BMOS – 2001 - Curitiba, PR
  Chairman: João Valdir Comasseto, USP,
  General Secretary: Fabio Simoneli, UFPR
    :: Emanuel Vogel - University of Cologne - Germany
    :: Gary Keck - University of Utah - USA
    :: Bruce Lipshutz - University of California - USA
    :: Amos B. Smith III - University of Pennsylvania - USA
    :: Andre B. Charette - University of Montreal - Canada
    :: Ronaldo A. Pilli - UNICAMP - Brazil
    :: Shu Kobayashi - University of Tokyo - Japan
    :: Oscar Varela - University of Buenos Aires - Argentina
    :: Eric James Thomas - University of Manchester - UK
    :: Eusébio Juaristi - Instituto Politecnico Nacional - México
    :: Albert Padwa - Emory University - USA
  Invited lectures:
    :: Paulo Roberto R. Costa - NPPN/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    :: Jairton Dupont - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil
    :: Francisco de Assis Marques - DQ/Universidade Federal do Paraná - Brazil
    :: Luiz Carlos Dias – UNICAMP - Brazil
    :: Fernando A. Santos Coelho - IQ/Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Brazil
    :: Luiz Fernando Silva Jr. - Universidade de São Paulo - Brazil
8th BMOS – 1998 - São Pedro, SP
  Chairman: Joseph P. Marino- University of Michigan- USA
  General Secretary: Luis Carlos Dias, UNICAMP
    :: Erick Carreira - ETH-Zürich - Switzerland
    :: Ian Paterson - Cambridge University - UK
    :: Viresh Rawal - University of Chicago - USA
    :: Jonathan A. Ellman - University of California at Berkeley - USA
    :: Tomas Hudlicky - University of Florida - USA
    :: Cesare Gennari - Universitá di Milano - Italy
    :: Joseph P. Marino - University of Michigan - USA
    :: Tohru Fukuyama - University of Tokyo - Japan
    :: Edmundo Ruveda - Universidad de Rosario - Argentina
    :: Paul J. Reider - Merck & Co. - USA
    :: Paul Jenkins - Leicester University - UK
  Invited lectures:
    :: Miguel Dabdoub - USP - Ribeirão Preto - Brazil
    :: Simon J. Garden - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    :: Quézia Bezerra Cass - Universidade Federal de São Carlos - Brazil
    :: Carlos R. Duarte Correia - UNICAMP - Brazil
    :: Claudio C. Silveira - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria – Brazil
7th BMOS – 1996 - Rio de Janeio, RJ
  Chairman: Angelo C. Pinto, General Secretary: Joaquim F. Silva, UFRJ
    :: Goverdhan Mehta, University of Hyderabad - India
    :: Miwako Mori, Hokkaido University – Japan
    :: Gary A. Molander, University of Colorado – USA
    :: Gerard Descotes, Villerbanne – France
    :: Willian R. Roush, Indiana University – USA
    :: Bernd Giese, University of Basel - Switzerland
    :: Oreste A. Mascaretti, Universidad Nacional de Rosario – Argentina
    :: P. R. Jenkins, Leicester University – England
    :: J. Brian Jones, University of Toronto - Canada
  Invited lectures:
    :: Ronaldo A. Pilli, UNICAMP- Brazil
    :: Vitor F. Ferreira, UFF – Brazil
    :: Eliezer J. Barreiro, UFRJ – Brazil
    :: Jaswant R. Mahajan, UnB – Brazil
    :: João Valdir Comasseto, USP – Brazil
    :: Warner B. Kover, UFRJ – Brazil
6th BMOS – 1994 - São Paulo, SP
  General Secretary: João Valdir Comasseto, USP
    :: Reinaldo S. Compagnone – Caracas, Venezuela
    :: Dennis P. Curran, Pittsburgh, USA
    :: Andrew E. Greene, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
    :: John B. Jones, Toronto – Canada
    :: Mark Lautens, Toronto – Canada
    :: Kenji Mori, Tokyo - Japan
    :: Larry E. Overman, Irvine – USA
    :: Roberto F. de la Padilla, Madrid – Spain
    :: Nigel S. Simpkins, Nottingham – UK
    :: Bert Fraser-Reid, Durham – USA
  Short Lectures:
    :: Beter Bakusis, UnB, Brasilia – Brazil
    :: Paulo R. R. da Costa, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
    :: Jairton Dupont, UFRS, Porto Alegre – Brazil
    :: José Tércio B. Ferreira, UFSCar, São Carlos – Brazil
    :: Albert Kasheres, UNICAMP, Campinas – Brazil
    :: José Ricardo Romero, USP, Ribeirão Preto – Brazil
5th BMOS – 1992 - Campinas, SP
  General Secretary: Prof. Ronaldo A. Pilli, UNICAMP
    :: Dieter Seebach, ETH, Switzerland
    :: David Evans, Harvard, USA
    :: Jose Barluenga, Oviedo, Spain
    :: Minoru Isobe, Nagoia, Japan
    :: Armin de Meijre, Göttingen, Germany
    :: Jean D´Angelo, Chatenay-Malabry, France
    :: Barry Trost, Stanford, USA
    :: Oreste Mascaretti, Rosario, Argentina
  Short Lectures:
    :: Alaide Braga, UFMG - Brazil
    :: Hans Viertler, USP- Brazil
    :: Lucia Baptistella, UNICAMP- Brazil
    :: Ronaldo A. Pilli, UNICAMP - Brazil
    :: Carlos R. D. Correia, UFRJ- Brazil
4th BMOS – 1990 - Teresópolis, RJ
  General Secretary: Prof. Vitor F. Ferreira, UFF
    :: Gilbert Stork, University of Columbia - USA
    :: Pierre Laszlo, Paris - France
    :: Peter Bakuzis, University of Brasilia – Brazil
    :: Leon Ghosez,Louvain la Neuve - Belgium
    :: Edward Piers, Vancouver - Canada
    :: Stephen G. Davies, University of Oxford - UK
    :: Paulo R.R. Costa, UFRJ – Brazil
    :: Hugo J. Monteiro, University of Brasilia - Brazil
    :: Goverdhan Mehta, Bangalore - India
    :: Miguel E. Alonso, Venezuela
    :: Helena, M.C. Ferraz, University of São Paulo- Brazil
    :: Paulo M. Imamura, UNICAMP- Brazil
    :: Ekkehard Winterfeldt, Hannover - Germany
    :: Stephan Hanessian, Université de Montreal - Canada
    :: Ronaldo A. Pilli, UNICAMP – Brazil
    :: Eliezer J. Barreiro, UFRJ - Brazil
3rd BMOS – 1989 - São Carlos, SP
  Chairman: Nicola Petragnani, USP. General Secretary: José Tércio B. Ferreira, UFSCar
    :: Clayton H. Heathcock, University of California, Berkeley – USA
    :: R. W. Hoffmann, Marburg – Germany
    :: Edward Piers, University of British Columbia – Canada
    :: Peter A. Jacobi, Wesleyan University, USA
    :: Joseph P. Marino - University of Michigan – USA
    :: Gerald Pattenden, University of Nottingham – UK
    :: Edmundo A. Ruveda, Universidad Nacional de Rosario – Argentina
    :: Renzo Rossi, Università de Pisa - Italy
    :: Paul A. Wender, Stanford University – USA
  Short lectures:
    :: João Valdir Comasseto, USP – Brazil
    :: Concetta Kascheres, UNICAMP – Brazil
    :: Maurício G. Constantino, USP – Brazil
    :: Anita J. Marsaioli, UNICAMP – Brazil
    :: Lothar W. Bieber, UFPE – Brazil
    :: Timothy J. Brocksom, UFSCar – Brazil
    :: Carlo Scolastico, Università di Milano – Italy
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